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  • 2014 year in review

        It is incredible how quickly the time flies. Last year at this time we were in the Kingdom of Bhutan exploring the amazing country and volunteering with Humane Society Asia, and today we are

  • Downtown Toronto and The Gladstone Hotel

      Cody and I decided to spend a weekend to ourselves in downtown Toronto to rediscover this amazing city, but to be honest, all we did was stuff our faces with great vegan food and

  • Reasons to Visit Cape Verde

      Cape Verde is an archipelago of ten islands located off the western coast of Africa. It is known for its hospitality, spectacular scenery and powdery white beaches. There are plenty of reasons to visit Cape Verde

  • HeartCoeur Cruelty Free Gift Guide and Giveaway

      It’s the most wonderful time of the year-for those of us who love the holidays that is. Living in Canada pretty much guarantees a white Christmas; the blankets of snow sparkle outside in silence as

  • Eating Vegan in Georgia

      When one thinks of Georgia, they think peaches, the deep South, and the Braves. But there is another Georgia that we’ve recently discovered, and it is pretty vegan friendly. Georgia is a country in the Caucasus

  • Our Summer in Saskatchewan

    On July 2nd, Cody and I took a bus from Toronto to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to spend two months with family and friends and enjoy all of the summer events Saskatchewan has to offer. The western

  • Turkey: For adventure, culture and cuisine

      One of the benefits of traveling to another country is to experience an alternative culture. You can barter at local markets, visit historical monuments and taste some traditional cuisine. Turkey is no different. Holidaymakers are flocking

  • Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve

    Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve is a beautiful place that holds a lot of history. It was newly opened in the early 1900’s as a recreational resort, and at over 100 years old, she is still

  • This is Havana in 24 Hours

    Nine.  The number of times Cody and I have been to Cuba combined. Holguin, Guardalavaca, and Varadero, but never to Havana.    We decided our tenth time must include a visit to Cuba’s capital city, major port,

  • Visiting the Far East as a Vegan On a Cruise

      Even finding vegan friendly restaurants in your home town can be tricky, so you’d think that on vacations such as in the exotic Orient it’d be difficult to find suitable vegan options.   However, that’s not

Latest Reviews on Hotels / Vegan

  • Kristi House, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Delta Bessborough, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • Abraham Hostel, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Acacia Hotel, Dahab, Egypt

  • Sol Cuisine

  • Soul to Bowl Creamy Vegan Alfredo

  • Sheese Vegan Cheeses

  • Gloryhole Doughnuts, Toronto, Ontario

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Toronto Veg Food Fest

Posted by • September 8, 2014 • Canada ,Featured ,Stories ,Vegan 8 Comments

  Last year this time we were travelling Laos and missing all of the incredible food at Toronto’s Veg Food Fest; the largest Veg Food Fest in North America.   This year we made sure to attend

A Very Vegan Vacation in Tenerife

Posted by • August 31, 2014 • Stories 4 Comments

  The natural surroundings of the Canary Islands are a green idyll for intrepid vegans. An abundance of natural produce is the stuff that veggie dreams are made of, and in a country renowned for

Ras Abu Galum, Dahab, Egypt

Posted by • August 13, 2014 • Egypt 16 Comments

Ras Abu Galum is a beautiful snorkelling and diving spot located by a bedouin village 15 kilometres north of Dahab, Egypt.   Cody and I were picked up in the morning by King Safari, and

“Happy Ness” Ness Creek Weekend

Posted by • July 30, 2014 • Canada ,Stories 4 Comments

  We left Saskatoon at noon for a music filled weekend at Ness Creek. Driving north for three hours, we made a quick stop for ice, and finally arrived.   A queue of cars and trucks were

Volunteering in Bhutan with HSI

Posted by • July 17, 2014 • Bhutan ,Featured ,Stories 16 Comments

  We were invited by our good friend Antoinette Bradley- the Bhutan manager for HSI, as volunteers to contribute to Humane Society International’s National Dog Population Management and Rabies Control Programme in Bhutan.   A collaboration

Toronto World Pride 2014

Posted by • July 9, 2014 • Canada ,Featured ,Stories 17 Comments

  There are very few festivals, events, occasions, etc that we arrange our travels around. Toronto World Pride is one of them.   We have attended Toronto Pride every year since Cody moved to Toronto and it

Romantik Hostel- The worst place we’ve stayed

Posted by • June 20, 2014 • Georgia ,Stories 33 Comments

  Cody and I have stayed in many a room; from luxurious 5 star hotels in South East Asia, to $5 a night rooms in India, so we are no strangers to beat up no

Mindful Wanderlust Giveaway

Posted by • June 16, 2014 • Stories 72 Comments

  Well, we’ve been home for 16 days and we have settled in quite comfortably. Our two years of travel have most definitely changed our lives and the way we view everything and everyone around

Vegan Kitchen, Cairo, Egypt

June 14, 2014 •
Vegan Kitchen, Cairo, Egypt

  Vegan Kitchen, you had me at homemade almond milk. And not only is the almond milk homemade, but most everything on the menu is. When I thought to look up vegan restaurants in Egypt, I really

After 28 months on the road, we’re heading home

  28 months…..843 days……20,232 hours There are times that I think about what I would be doing had Cody and I not embarked on 28 months of travel around the world. …..actually, I have not thought once

The two sides of Hebron

Posted by • May 30, 2014 • Featured ,Palestine ,Stories 12 Comments

  Before heading to Israel, Cody and I were not well informed about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, so we thought a tour of Hebron would shed more light on the subject. We joined a Hebron dual

Dahab Paradise, Dahab, Egypt

May 29, 2014 •

    Dahab Paradise is located on Blue Hole Rd., about a five minute drive from “downtown” Dahab. We walked into reception and were warmly greeted by Nimisha, manager of Dahab Paradise. She welcomed us with a