Best Present For Your Parents – A Surprise Trip to Greece


If you find yourself scratching your head as every parental anniversary comes around, consider booking your parents a surprise trip abroad.

One of Europe’s most popular destinations, Greece is an ideal place for mature or retired adults looking for a relaxed pace.

Healthy cuisine, astonishing sea views and island hopping are just a few possibilities, not to mention crumbling temples, craggy ravines and staggering beaches.

If you’re weighing up your options, here are some more reasons to give a Greek holiday a fighting chance.

Relaxing activities for parents who need to chill.


For as laid-back an experience as possible for your parents, consider booking a spa hotel by the beach and arranging for them to have a couple’s treatment when they arrive.

If they prefer exploring mountainous terrain and fresh air hikes, incorporate a trip to a soothing thermal bath like Pózar, which lies at the foot of Kaimaktsalan Mountain. 

Delicious dining for parents with an appetite

In Greece, locals tend to dine late, with the evening meal commencing around 9pm, leaving plenty of time to work up a healthy appetite.

Encourage Mom and Dad to check out locally-run tavernas, and to avoid anywhere too ‘touristy’ for the best quality cuisine.

Ifigenia in Crete offers a wide selection of lovingly prepared Cretan dishes specifically for vegan diets, such as fennel pie and purslane salad. Senor Zorbas is another great place in Santorini, serving up gorgeous vegan cuisine and substituting dairy with guacamole and salsa.

Delightful drinks for parents who order wine with dinner

Along with its notorious Ouzo, Greece has garnered a reputation for its ambrosial wine, a result of its sun-lashed vineyards and verdant soil. Indeed, the country can boast some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, with a 6,500 year heritage.


Many of the Aegean islands produce delicious tipples, with Santorini, Kos and Rhodes all producing their own, signature varietals. For a Bacchanalian adventure, book your parents a winery tour, on which they can sample flights of different styles, and even match food and wine. 

Island hopping itineraries for itchy feet

Much of the excitement of exploring Greece comes from the diversity of its islands, of which there are approximately 1600.

Easiest to reach from Athens, the Cyclades offer some show-stopping sights, from the whitewashed buildings of Santorini, to the traditional villages of Naxos.

Not to mention Milos, which has some of the most luxuriant beaches in the country, including Paliochori, where sea currents are warmed by jets of underwater mineral springs!

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Images by Steve Jurvetson and Red Rose Exile, used under the Creative Commons license. 

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