Reasons to Visit Cape Verde


Cape Verde is an archipelago of ten islands located off the western coast of Africa.

It is known for its hospitality, spectacular scenery and powdery white beaches.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Cape Verde and it is easy to see why it was colonised and how it remains a popular vacation destination for sun seekers.

Cape Verde


A little bit of island hopping is recommended as each island has its own beauties and curiosities.

The cuisine also has a decent amount to offer for vegans and vegetarians given that the most popular dish on the islands—cachupa—is made from freshly ground corn and beans cooked with either sweet or white potatoes, tomatoes and squash.

In most restaurants meat is added to this recipe, but the dish in traditionally vegan, and can be ordered that way. Larger hotels and resorts are excellent here for vegetarian and vegan catering, but if you want to go off the beaten track to eat, there are still a lot of options.

Cape Verde

But the first thing you must decide once you’ve settled on a First Choice break to Cape Verde is to decide where in exactly on the archipelago you want to stay.

The Castaway Islands are a popular choice because they offer big stretches of unspoiled and quiet white beaches.

Though you aren’t going to be lacking for beaches In Cape Verde, another popular choice to stay is lively Sal, whose beaches are backed by fun bars that run the length of their beaches.

Also on Sal is the town of Santa Maria, which is lined with cobbled streets and brightly coloured buildings and provides some activities away from all those tempting beaches.

Cape Verde

There is a wonderful vegan/vegetarian restaurant in thetown called CapeFruit which serves fresh Mediterranean fare in a relaxed café setting.

South of Sal is Boa Vista, which lures the more sports inclined visitors because of the wind and kite surfing offered there.

The Deserto de Viana, is a desert located on the north western part of this island and is worth a visit.

It is almost entirely uninhabited and will make you feel like you are in the middle of the Sahara instead of the Atlantic.

Cape Verde

Sal Reiis the main town on the island and the direction I advise you to go in if you are a keen shopper. As it is a smaller and quiet island, Boa Vista offers less in the way of vegetarian/vegan options, however Riba d’olte is a Portuguese restaurant off the main square of Sal Rei and has a varied menu which includes vegetarian dishes.

On Sao Nicolau, you will be able to hike their mountains—my biggest recommendation, not least because you will be rewarded with views that stretch out over the Atlantic Ocean and the rest of the volcanic islands.

So whether you want to lie on the beautiful beaches, stuff your face with cachupa, hike mountains or snorkel along the azure shores, Cape Verde is the place to be.


Images by bi_plus_oneMoises.onBigMikeSndTechand LeRoc, used under the Creative Commons license.

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