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Snooters Farm Sanctuary

Posted by • November 20, 2011 • Canada ,Responsible Travel ,Stories ,Vegan 2 Comments

Today Cody and I took a little road trip out to Snooters Farm Animal Sanctuary to spend time with some very lucky animals. In 2001, Susan Morris and her husband purchased a hobby farm and

Our Thoughts On Tattoos and Travel

Posted by • October 13, 2011 • Canada ,Stories ,Tattoos 11 Comments

  Tribesmen and truckers, prisoners and sailors, kings and commoners.   All have shared one thing: The art of the tattoo. I think it is needless to say that Cody and I love tattoos. We love the look

Awenda Provincial Park

Posted by • September 19, 2011 • Canada ,Stories 6 Comments

2 weekends ago Cody and I took a 3 day trip up to Awenda Provincial Park with some friends for our 2 year wedding anniversary and my birthday. For those of you who don’t know

Toronto Pride 2011

Posted by • July 6, 2011 • Canada ,Stories 4 Comments

This past weekend Cody and I attended Toronto Pride 2011 with 2 friends. To us pride is a time to celebrate everyone’s individuality and sameness, to appreciate how lucky we are to live in