Myanmar - Mindful Wanderlust

Everything We Need To Know We Learned From Travel

  Travel has opened our eyes and hearts to so much.   We have learned a lot about the world around us just by allowing ourselves to travel while being mindful. So we wanted to share some

After 28 Months On the Road, We’re Heading Home

  28 months…..843 days……20,232 hours There are times that I think about what I would be doing had Cody and I not embarked on 28 months of travel around the world. …..actually, I have not thought once

The People of Myanmar

Posted by • May 9, 2014 • Myanmar ,Stories 18 Comments

  The people of Myanmar have been through some very difficult times, and they are still in the process of gaining their strength and rebuilding their lives; but the oppression and injustice has not broken

Tattooed People of Myanmar

Posted by • January 25, 2014 • Featured ,Myanmar ,Stories ,Tattoos 29 Comments

  Being huge lovers of tattoo culture, traveling is one of the best ways to discover different tattoo designs and connect with people.   We love meeting new people around the globe who are tattooed and listening

Year in Review 2013

Posted by • January 12, 2014 • Bhutan ,Canada ,Featured ,Laos ,Myanmar ,Stories ,Thailand 36 Comments

  Cody and I are mindful of our past year. We have seen, and done so many amazing things, and have experienced some incredible moments; but to have it documented on video and to be

The Food of Myanmar: Our Favourites

Posted by • November 6, 2013 • Featured ,Myanmar ,Vegan 35 Comments

  The countries that border Myanmar, especially India, China and Thailand, have influenced Burmese cuisine, so what a treat it was to try all of the amazing offerings.   When we first arrived in Myanmar we had

Our First Impression of Myanmar

Posted by • October 20, 2013 • Featured ,Myanmar ,Stories 18 Comments

  The alarm painfully rang out. We dragged ourselves out of bed, gathered our things, made our way downstairs, and waited for our mini van to Don Muang airport. It seems the mini van had an