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Going on Safari in Masai Mara

Posted by • December 23, 2016 • Featured ,Kenya ,Travel Video ,Vegan Travel 8 Comments

  Kenya is most famously known for it’s national parks teeming with wildlife, with one of the most popular being Masai Mara.  Our last visit together was 7 years ago, so we felt it was due

72 hours in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Posted by • September 14, 2016 • Slovenia ,Travel Video ,Vegan Travel Add Comment

  While driving through Italy to arrive in Ljubljana, we weren’t expecting Slovenia to be as green as it is. This young nation is one of Europe’s most forested countries (over 60%), and it is this

6 Month Travel Itinerary With Vegan Travel

Posted by • August 1, 2016 • Canada ,Featured ,Travel Video ,Vegan 5 Comments

  Last December we entered a contest through a website called Vegan Travel. They were throwing a contest to win a 6 month all expenses paid trip around the world (You choose your own destinations). So

Hiking Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador

Posted by • March 7, 2016 • El Salvador ,Stories ,Travel Video 8 Comments

Cody and I awoke moments before our alarm was to go off and quickly jumped out of bed. We got dressed, had a quick breakfast, walked to the bus station just a couple of

Our Hitchhiking Experience in Mexico

Posted by • August 31, 2015 • Mexico ,Stories ,Travel Video 14 Comments

  “Oh my god you’re going to Egypt?!” “You’re travelling through India? Be careful” “Why are you going to Iran?” “You’re hitchhiking in Mexico? Oh god, be careful” This is pretty much the dialogue we go through every time, when talking

Backpacking in Mexico pt. 1 VIDEO

Posted by • May 2, 2015 • Featured ,Mexico ,Stories ,Travel Video 13 Comments

  Knowing full well that there is a lot of unfounded fear regarding Mexico, I still had reservations about visiting the country after repeatedly hearing about how “unsafe” it is. While the infamous drug cartel crimes

The Magical Kingdom of Tokyo Disneyland (VIDEO)

Posted by • March 30, 2015 • Featured ,Japan ,Stories ,Travel Video 4 Comments

The last time I was at Disney World I was about 5 years old, and it was magic.   I was in awe of everything around me, from the fairy princesses to Micky Mouse waving at

Our Day at Pata Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand

  During our many months in Thailand, Cody and I have seen heartbreakingly miserable orangutans, tigers chained so close to the ground that they couldn’t stand; crocodile meat, crocodile hand bags, and a crocodile show

Getting a Tattoo in Japan

Posted by • January 19, 2015 • Featured ,Japan ,Stories ,Tattoos ,Travel Video 39 Comments

  Japan is known for many things. Samurai, geisha, sushi, Mt. Fuji, and one of  the most controversial-tattoos. Japan and tattoos have a long and tumultuous history, and are seen by most as undesirable; but I

Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve

Posted by • September 29, 2014 • Canada ,Featured ,Stories ,Travel Video 30 Comments

Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve is a beautiful place that holds a lot of history. It was newly opened in the early 1900’s as a recreational resort, and at over 100 years old, she is still

This is Havana in 24 Hours

Posted by • September 18, 2014 • Cuba ,Featured ,Stories ,Travel Video 42 Comments

Nine.  The number of times Cody and I have been to Cuba combined. Holguin, Guardalavaca, and Varadero, but never to Havana.    We decided our tenth time must include a visit to Cuba’s capital city, major port,

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Cappadocia, Turkey

Posted by • April 1, 2014 • Featured ,Stories ,Travel Video ,Turkey 37 Comments

  Our day started at 4:40am. We peeled ourselves out of bed and into the chilled rainy darkness to wait for our ride. The van arrived at 5:15am. We hopped in and were taken to the