Why Dahab is our Favourite Place in Egypt


The great pyramids of Giza, the maddening traffic, the koshary, and the streets buzzing with life- Just some of the reasons we love Egypt.


But Dahab is different.


Welcome to Egypt


It is free of the bustling polluted streets of Cairo, and free of stress.


You will find friendly bedouin children, the peaceful Sinai desert, the glowing moon reflecting off of the Red Sea, and a community including locals and expats working together to make Dahab a nicer place to live.



There are weekly garbage clean ups by the water, craft markets, yoga, and free meditation in the morning.


In Dahab you will experience incredible diving and snorkelling, wonderful fresh Egyptian food, and a plethora of bedouin style restaurants and cafes where you can lounge on blankets and pillows as the Egyptian world goes by.


The Beautiful Dogs Of Dahab


Cody and I enjoy this place so much that we have even toyed with the idea of buying property here-but we’re not quite ready to commit to staying in one place just yet.


The one thing we want people to know about Dahab is that it’s safe.


Yes, and so is the rest of Egypt.


We feel for the people of Egypt as tourism there has withered, and the economy is crippled.


Cody Getting A Shave In Dahab


It’s true, there are many seaside towns that have the same kind of laid back vibe; but the community in Dahab really works together to make it a positive and happy place to live.


It is the one place where we see all of the people in the community working together and enjoying each others company.


It is a common sight to see bedouins and expats sitting and chatting over tea, Egyptian children playing with foreign children, and local women selling their Egyptian eggplant casseroles next to Russian women selling their homemade dishes.


One Of Our Many Friends


It’s a lovely exchange that builds strength within the community.


When the sun goes down, we hear the haunting call to prayer beckoning from neighbourhood mosques, as we sit on a cafe floor with bedouin blankets and pillows sprawled out everywhere looking out into the darkness that is the Red Sea.



Being in the Sinai desert surrounded by mountains, a sea of stars, and the glowing moon is a kind of magic that we could never get sick of, and Dahab is a kind of magic we look forward to returning to.



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  1. Karyn Jane November 23, 2015 Reply

    This sounds like an amazing place. And yes I agree it’s important that the tourism industry in Egypt is healed – I have another friend who was there just a few weeks ago and she is equally as passionate about spreading the word that it’s safe to be there.

    • Giselle and Cody November 29, 2015 Reply

      Karyn, if you ever get the change to head to Dahab we urge you to go. It is a beautiful place away from the craziness of the rest of Egypt. We will continue to head to Egypt as it is easily one of our favourite countries.

  2. LookIwasThere November 23, 2015 Reply

    When did you do this trip? (I know when you published). Sinai is a top NO in Egypt, although we know it is completely safe to travel to Egypt, the tourism in Egypt has really go down for the last few years.

  3. Miles December 1, 2015 Reply

    I spent a wonderful few days in Dahab back in 1990 after backpacking around Egypt and spending time volunteering on a Kibbutz in Israel. Pressure was building for the start of the first Gulf War….perhaps the start of the mess we see now… Many tourists had decided not to visit Egypt becausre of the Kuwait situation and we had the most amazing experience of our lives visiting sites with few other people. When I stayed in Dahab, a mat on the floor of a beach hut cost the equivalent of 40 UK pence and there were just a few shops and a string of independent cafes along the beach. I’ve heard that it’s become a resort similar in size to Sharm El Sheikh now. A great shame, but inevitable I suppose. I hope to one day find somewhere as beautiful as Dahab was back then and perhaps stay there.
    The inner Sinai peninsula is a dangerous place now, but perhaps not Dahab. I would not travel through the Sinai in an overnight taxi from Taba like I did back then. Taba and Dahab have both been targeted by terrorist bombs since I was there with many deaths sadly – People do need to be aware.

  4. Lucia Pereira December 31, 2015 Reply

    Yes, Dahab is awesome!! I have been there twice and would go back in time!!

    Being by the Red Sea with Arabic sounds and music is exciting and tranquil.
    The lights are mesmerizing and the food is delicious….I recommend a trip
    there for anyone…. 🙂

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