We Made It To Egypt

So we made our way safely to Egypt! But not without some stress.  

Cairo, Egypt

February 13th, 2012.

Cody and I are anxiously waiting to board our flight to New York City, which will then take us to Geneva, then on to Cairo, Egypt. We board our flight on time, and a few minutes later we hear an announcement regarding airplane troubles. Then another about a possible leak in the plane. Fast forward to us de-boarding the aircraft due to safety issues. All the passengers are hastily put on other flights to their destinations as we patiently await our turn. When we arrive at The American Airlines desk, we are helped by Nella, an amazing staff member of American Airlines. She attempts to find us a flight to New York City in time to connect with our Geneva flight.

Bazaar in Cairo, Egypt

While she is doing this Cody is speaking to his mother Cindy who is meeting us in Egypt but on a separate flight there. Cindy is getting a bit worried about landing in Cairo alone, a place she has never been before. We assure her everything will be fine and to just get on the flight and we will see her at the Cairo airport.

Meanwhile Nella puts us on a flight to New York. We sprint over to the gate and the people at the desk tell us that the flight is delayed and we won’t make our connecting flight to Geneva. We run back to Nella to let her know we need another flight.


By this time we are extremely stressed out and exhausted. We finally board a flight to New York, but don’t have much time to make our connecting flight. We land in New York, de-board the plane, run all the way to the Swiss Airlines counter to be told we have missed our flight to Geneva. Arrrrrrrggghhhh………Slowly having a meltdown.

Abu Simbel, Egypt

Mohammed, a nice man at Swiss Airlines helps us with a flight from New York, to Zurich, to Geneva, then finally to Cairo, Egypt.

We had to pay an extra $250 each, but we didn’t care, we just wanted to get there.

We caught our Zurich flight, then off to Geneva. Once we landed in Geneva,                                                                                                     we had 40 minutes to run from one end of the airport to the other to catch our Egypt flight.

Cody and I ran like maniacs to get to our gate as if it was an episode of The Amazing Race.

We got to the top of the stairs to find Cindy with a big smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She was extremely excited to see us. The feeling was mutual. After all of the stress and worry, we finally boarded our flight to Cairo. Ahhhhhhhh what a relief. So happy this happened at the beginning of our journey because we feel we are prepared for anything now.

Kids playing around for the camera in Dahab, Egypt Giselle and Cindy at the Pyramids of Giza

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  1. jade March 8, 2012 Reply

    A little late on this, but Yay! You made it to egypt! Congrats on starting your journey, can’t wait to hear more about it.

    • Giselle and Cody March 9, 2012 Reply

      Hey Jade, Thanks so much. We are now in India and having an amazing time. Are you travelling right now or have any near future travel plans? Keep in touch. Namaste!!

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