We Are Heading Home….

Oh my god, We are flying home in 2 days! It has been 15 months since we have been home, and we are missing our family and friends. We are almost all packed, and we even took the dreaded trip down to Khao San Rd. to pick up some bits and bobs for our bbq/party to give away during the game time (we’re cheesy like that) we love parties and games that include gift giving.


Today we took Owl to the airport to get her export permit and health certificate, and she is now good to go!!

Owl is coming home!!!  Thai Rice Whiskey for only $3

Cody picked up some rice whiskey for our non existent bar at home. We have a lot of alcohol at home in storage, so if we ever buy a house, we’ll have a kick ass bar.


So much Veg Sausages :)Today we’ll have a relaxing day and go for dinner at Tien Yarn, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant here in Bangkok where we’ll pick up  our favorite veg sausages to take back home with us. Yep, we’re stuffing four packages of sausages into our back packs so we can enjoy them in Canada.


We are taking a taxi at 2am early Monday morning to Suvarnabhumi airport. Our first stop is Tokyo. Then Detroit, and then Toronto.

We were so excited to head out on this 16 month trip, and we are just excited to head back home for two months. We head back to Bangkok on August 12th. So our visit to Canada is just that, a visit. I think that’s why we are so excited to head home. We’re not quite finished travelling yet. We still have so much left to explore.


But this blog is not about our travels, it’s about visiting home! And we have so much to look forward to!

During the week we plan on just relaxing and allowing our body clocks to reset back to Canadian time.

On Saturday we have a big Vegan bbq to look forward to with a lot of family and friends, great food, cocktails, and a lot of catching up to do.


June 13th to June 16th is our 5 day 4 night Algonquin Park camping trip. We are so very excited for this weekend!

We are heading out early morning Thursday on a 4 hour drive up to Algonquin Provincial Park. Our first stop is a canoe pick up. We then have to make our way down a rocky road through a forested area to the waters edge before we pack our canoe full of camp gear and paddle to our private getaway for the weekend. This weekend will be pure relaxation. Being mesmerized by the fire, listening to the loons on Cauliflower Lake while the sun goes down, catching up on some reading and good conversation. Hopefully we’ll spot a moose or a momma bear and her cubs along the way. Check out our last Camping Adventure.



We are spending the next weekend at a cottage along the water in Parry Sound with our good friends Mark and Dietmar. We met them while volunteering at Elephant Nature Park, and we instantly connected. We only had a week with them, so we are really looking forward to spending more time with them.

Mark and Dietmar treat us to dinner in Chiang Mai, Thailand


On June 23rd two friends from England that we met in Goa, India are coming to stay with us for a week. We can’t wait to take Dale and Sy all around Toronto. We also plan to visit Niagara Falls. Can’t wait to see you both!

Sy, Giselle and Dale in Goa, India


The month of July is reserved for Saskatchewan. Cody and I are taking a 2 day (cringe) bus ride to Saskatoon, and spending the month there getting tattooed and seeing family and friends. Cody’s brother Derek is throwing a big music festival in La Ronge (their home town) where they will be performing together in their old band Cowpie.


Derek and Giselle in Chiang Rai, Thailand

We think we’ll even be seeing Ricardo Marques, another contestant (and great guy) from My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List that we had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. Ricardo, who is originally from Brazil, has moved to Regina with his wife Natalie. Hopefully we’ll see you both in S’toon!

Ricardo, Giselle and Cody in London, England

We’re back by plane (thank god) to Toronto on August 1st, and we are there for another 11 days before we head back to Bangkok.


And last but certainly not least, we are looking forward to spending time with all of our great old friends and family. We don’t have any specific plans, but we’re sure there will be a lot of bbq’s, dancing, karaoke, and late night talks to look forward to.



This time away has really made us appreciate our friends and family back home (not that we didn’t before we left)

We think of you often, and hope you are able to visit us sometime during our travels. It seems like yesterday we were just saying good-bye to you as we headed out. Check out our Friends saying Good-Bye to us.

Everyone is so sad...... :( The Afton Ave Crew!!


We hope everyone is as excited to see us as we are to see you!!

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  1. APPLE JACKS June 2, 2013 Reply

    hello cody&giselle! i help at PAWS with amy from time to time& i heard that u guys adopted owl!shes such a lovely babe..i will miss her.i hope she will be happy in her new home in canada!!

    its a pity that we didnt meet when u guys were busy trapping&catching stray cats to get them sterilized all by myself (with the help of other local thais) as amy is busy with PAWS. so im sorry i didnt get to meet u guys or see owl before ur departure tonite back to canada..:'(

    i do hope to meet u when ure back in bkk in august.lets meet for a tasty vegan lunch (im vegetarian :)..

    have a safe trip home &kiss owl for me!



    • Giselle and Cody June 2, 2013 Reply

      Hey Apple, yeah Owl is such a sweet cat and we fell in love with her so we had to take her home 🙂
      We will make sure to update with photos and videos of her loving her new home.
      Thank you for doing such great work with helping the beautiful street animals. They need a lot of help.

      Meeting up for lunch sounds like a great plan!! We will keep in touch and arrange something for when we get back.
      You can also follow us on Facebook. Just search Mindful Wanderlust and “like” us as well.

      Take care and hope to see you when we get back!!
      Giselle and Cody

  2. Elizabeth June 2, 2013 Reply

    So excited to see you guys tomorrow!! and spending some time over the next month catching up and hearing your amazing stories… xoxoxo

    • Giselle and Cody June 2, 2013 Reply

      We’re super excited too!! But a little nervous what with taking Owl on board with us. I’m sure we’re more nervous than she is!
      See you at YYZ!! XO

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