Our housesitting experience in Costa Rica


After 3 dry scorching hot weeks of sedentary living in San Juan Del Sur, we were just itching (more like sweating) to leave Nicaragua.

Before our departure, I had secured a housesitting gig through in downtown San Jose. The original sitter had backed out last minute and the homeowners had no choice but to cancel their flights.

I wrote them offering to care for Pacci, Tau, Noah, Jasper, Jungle Kitty, and the Black and White’s while they were gone.

After a few emails back and forth, Marianne and Scott booked new flights, and Cody and I were looking very forward to bonding with some animals.

Understandably so, Marianne thought it be best if Cody and I arrived 2 nights prior to them leaving so we could meet the animals, get to know Scott and Marianne, and get a feel for everyone’s daily routine during our housesitting stay.

We arrived on a late sunny afternoon, and before we knew it we were enjoying a glass of wine and laughing most of the evening.

Housesitting in San Jose, Costa Rica

We chatted about our travels, animal rescues, and photography, and later had a really tasty vegan chilli for dinner.

Our conversations were effortless, and even though we had never met before we instantly connected.

Scott and Marianne left two days later and we took over as care takers of all of the fur kids.

Every morning we happily awoke to three very content tail wagging dogs, staring at us in anticipation of their next meal.

Housesitting in San Jose, Costa Rica

As all four cats are male, and rescued from the streets, they don’t get on well with each other, so Cody and I had to do switcheroo’s all day and evening so they could get even outdoor and indoor time.

The two black and white cats are siblings that stick together, while Jasper, and Jungle kitty are lone wolves. Every morning we would bring jungle kitty back to his room, let the black and whites out in the backyard, and allow Jasper to run around the house. Once a few hour passed, we would move everyone to be fair.


The Animals

Jungle kitty is one of the most vocal and affectionate cats we have ever spent time with. He loved rubbing up against our faces and then would proceed to plop down on the bed. Then rub, and repeat.

Housesitting in San Jose, Costa Rica


Jasper is very straight forward and would always look us directly in the eye when he wanted something (usually food). He is a good bug hunter, but not such a coordinated cat, as he would chase after a small ball and completely miss it every time.

Housesitting in San Jose, Costa Rica

He also has the sweetest funny face.


The black and whites were always fun to watch wrestle and tumble over each other.

Housesitting in San Jose, Costa Rica

They are the kind of cats who are always on high alert, and dart away from you as if they are afraid, but if you make slow moves they love a good head scratch.

If you are not fond of cats, you at least have to admire their different personality’s.


Noah the border collie was very reserved when we first met.

He was so nervous that mom and dad were leaving that he had an upset stomach, refused to eat, and became ill. Poor boy.

Housesitting in San Jose, Costa Rica

It didn’t take long before he was chasing us around the house, and eating again. Noah loved bedtime. He would wag his tail while waiting patiently for us to hop in bed, before settling in his own bed beside us for the night.

Housesitting in San Jose, Costa Rica

When we took him for walks, everyone would stop, smile and ask about his breed, and then proceed to fawn over how handsome he is.


Tau and Pacci are two of the cuddliest and goofiest Rhodesian ridgebacks. Without fail, people would cross the street when they saw us approaching in fear of these monsters, but they are gentle giants.

Both boys would smash their face into the side of my leg to get rubbed, and paw at me if I stopped.

Housesitting in San Jose, Costa Rica

If one was sprawled out on the sofa, the other one would always try to squeeze in, and if he couldn’t fit, he would at least place his bum on the cushion with his front legs on the ground.


Pacci wanted to eat everything, and Tau would stomp around, and chase his tail while barking at it. We love these dogs.


Housesitting provides people with a chance to save quite a bit of money while exploring the surrounding city they are stationed in, but we spent ALL of our time with these 7 animals in San Jose. There were times we would step out for groceries, and then head directly back to a houseful of dogs, and cats. It doesn’t get better than that.

The city can wait!

Our 3 weeks flew by, Scott and Marianne returned, but we didn’t leave.
Cody and I were invited to hang out for a few more nights with the couple.

Housesitting in San Jose, Costa Rica

We all enjoyed each other’s company, ate a lot of mangos, and shared travel stories.
We also all went about our own day, not worrying about having to entertain each other. Naps were taken, chia seed pudding was made (and enjoyed), all with no awkwardness, even though we had just met. It was lovely.

This is not the first time we have had such a positive experience with housesitting.

Last year we arrived in Toronto for a meeting with a couple, and ended up eating Thai food and doing drunk karaoke together.

When we return to Toronto in June, it will be our 3rd time housesitting, and dog sitting for Agnes and Viv. We look forward to spending more time with Kublai the German Shepherd, and Linus the Beagle Hound, and wish the girls an awesome stress free honeymoon!

Although housesitting is a great way to stay in a place for free, and save money, our main motivation is to spend time with animals, and give the homeowners a relaxing holiday.

Making a connection with humans is an added bonus, and makes our time much more memorable.


Thanks to Scott and Marianne, and Agnes and Viv for trusting us with your homes, and loved ones.


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  1. sarah collins May 18, 2016 Reply

    Ah, such beautiful creatures. I love how they all have their own perosnalities. The black and whites sound very much like my rescue cat Tabby <3. You guys are the best house/animal sitters!

    • Giselle and Cody May 22, 2016 Reply

      Thanks so much for commenting Sarah.
      This was a full house of such loveable animals and we definitely gave out our love everyday 🙂
      Where did you rescue Tabby from? Thank you for the kind words.

  2. Sam June 3, 2016 Reply

    Housesitting is great, isn’t it?! We’ve just lined up our third housesit, and have met some absolutely amazing people through TrustedHousesitters. Our first homeowner taught me how to drive stick shift directly after getting off a long flight, and then proceeded to cook us a 5 course, gourmet vegan dinner! Apparently his friends were teasing him about cooking a vegan meal for his housesitters, but when he mentioned this in the car to us, we excitedly jumped in that we were vegan too!! Fast friends made, of course.

    • Giselle and Cody June 14, 2016 Reply

      Sam, that sounds like a great housesit. Where did that one take place?
      It is such a great site to meet people and take care of animals.
      Currently we are house sitting in Toronto for 3 weeks and then we will jump to another place for a few days.
      Thanks so much for commenting.

      • Sam June 14, 2016 Reply

        It was in Salt Lake City, Utah, for three months with a cute and quirky cat. It was our first housesit through an online platform (before we’d been doing it through word of mouth with friends and family), and was such a great experience. We jumped right onto another sit in the same city (meeting in person really gave us an edge since we don’t have lots of references yet), so we’re still here now. Enjoy Toronto, it’s a cool place!

  3. Scott Adlhoch April 28, 2017 Reply

    Ahhh!!! Hope you enjoy your vacation with your pets, I love pets and also take them to every my travel. I love to enjoy my time with them.

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