How to plan a rtw trip

Originally Cody and I were planning on travelling for a year, so we have the funds for 12 months, but now our goal is to travel indefinitely by blogging and video blogging on our own personal website, as well as possibly working along the way.
When Cody and I board the plane in February, we won’t be returning home.
So how do you plan for indefinite travel around the world? Well if you’re me, very carefully.
You see, I’m a virgo, and if you know anything about the virgo species, you know we are extremely organized and thorough.
I have about 20 folders on our computer with several different lists having to do with travel and our trip.
I have a “hostel, beach hut, and hotels” list, a “places to go things to see” list, a “visa requirements” list, a “what’s the weather going to be like in this month” list, a “what to bring for longterm travel” list, a “savings list” a “currency list” a “what to pack” list, a “what to purchase for our trip” list, and so on….
There are so many things to consider when planning to travel longterm! Luckily we have some travelling experience!
“Where to start right? Let’s start with a budget. You first have to determine what kind of travelling you want to do. Do you want to stay in 4 star hotels regularly? Do you want to travel on luxury trains and buses? Do you want to only dine in fancy restaurants?
Do you want to take guided tours everywhere you go?
Or do you truly want to experience another culture other than your own and be slightly out of your comfort zone?
Don’t get me wrong, I love checking into a nice hotel with hot water, dressing up (as much as one can when your backpack is your closet) for a night out of seafood dinner by the sea, and taking in the sights and sounds, but not every single night.


SO. You can have a $50,000 dollar budget for 12+ months of travel if you prefer to travel in luxury the whole time, and experience a taste of a culture, but not totally immersing yourself in it, and really not experiencing, or feeling the energy that comes from making some sacrifices in terms of not having total luxury.


OR. You can have a $10,000-$16,000 budget for 12 months+ that includes very decent accommodations, (including a private room, hot water, and breakfast) meals, drinks, and reliable transportation
(not including buses or ferries in Egypt, Egypt buses come and go as they please apparently, but that’s all part of the adventure!!)
Amazing sight seeing without the boring tour guide that you’re begging in your head to stop talking for the love of god before you die of exposure and dehydration in the middle of the Egyptian dessert!


Travelling independently really gives you a sense of the real world around you, and it’s a beautiful world.
If you’re unsure of your surroundings, smile. Everyone understands a smile 🙂

Cody and I are going with a $16,000 budget for 12 months + and plan on generating an income through advertising on our site after those 12 months.
The $16,000 includes a rtw ticket. This ticket includes only some of our destinations, as we will be doing some overland travelling to save money.
Our budget for all of our flights was $3000 per person.
We bought a rtw ticket through that will take us from Toronto, to Cairo, and Cairo to Delhi. We also purchased several inland flights within India. We are flying from Jaipur to Mumbai, Bangalore to Trivandrum, Chennai to Port Blair (Andaman and Nicobar Islands) and Kolkata to Varanasi. We plan on travelling to Nepal overland through India. And last but not least we purchased a flight from Kathmandu to Hanoi. With a lot of researching for discounted and inexpensive flights, we managed to stay within our budget at $5857. This price also includes a full year of upgraded medical insurance.
We plan on having $1000 each per month. Again this includes everything, food, drinks, entrance fees, accommodation, transportation, etc…..although it is very possible to live on $500 for a whole month in many of the countries we are visiting. The Extra $1000 is for visa fees in all the countries. The Visa fees won’t add up to $1000, but it is always a good idea to have some extra money on you.
(If you are visiting India, you must obtain your visa prior to arriving in the country) We were going to get it in Cairo, but decided to avoid the madness, so we will be getting it here in Canada before we depart.

Now this budget also depends on what part of the world you plan on visiting. If you plan on travelling through Europe, you might want to double this budget. Places like Egypt, India, and South East Asia are significantly cheaper then most countries in Europe.

While you are preparing for your trip, you will most likely need to purchase some items to pack (alarm clock, rechargeable batteries, gravol, medical insurance, first aid kit, dollar store tissue paper,  etc….) so keep in mind that you will probably have to spend a couple hundred dollars before you even leave the country. You may need to get a yellow fever shot depending on what countries you will be visiting. The cost for a vaccination may range anywhere from $150 to $350. The yellow fever shot certificate is valid for 10 years. There are several other different vaccinations that you can get, but it is not required, it is a personal choice.


here is a country list for yellow fever vaccination requirements.


Travel and medical insurance are also something to consider.
Cody is bringing his fancy schmancy camera and accessories, so he will be getting insurance for that, as well as our laptop.


Here are a few things on our to do list before we leave:
-give resignation to employer
– pay bills
– cancel cell phones
-notify bank and credit card companies that we are leaving
-scan documents (e-tickets, hostel bookings, passports)
-sell what we don’t want/need
-store everything else
-sell car
-determine in what form we will be carrying our money
-purchase train tickets online for Egypt and India
-sign up for skype
-Tweak this blog, again, and again, and again
-Plan our farewell party (yay)


This is a great website that can help you with your travel budget, wether you’re long haul travelling or just getting away for a week or two. It is a database of travel costs in every major destination around the world. I found it very helpful.

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