Heading to Ojo del Mar in the Osa Peninsula

The alarm sounded at 5:30am. We peeled ourselves from bed, got dressed, and hastily made our way through breakfast.

Despite rush hour in San Jose, we managed to hail a taxi immediately, and we were on our way to the bus station.

20 minutes later, we arrived at the airport for our Nature Air flight to Puerto Jimenez.

It had been a while since I boarded a plane this small (only 9 passengers). Coincidently, the last time was in Peru when I was flying into the Amazon. This time, we were flying into the Osa Peninsula, one of the worlds most biodiverse places on earth.

It was a shaky start, but we made it. We were soaring through clouds for 30 minutes, then without an announcement, we began our descent.

Puerto Jimenez’ airport is just barely a long enough road for take offs and landings. We de-boarded the plane, a hatch was open on the runway, and our bags were handed to us.

The 3 of us hopped into our taxi, made a quick stop for snacks, and were off to Ojo del Mar Eco Lodge for my Mom’s 60th birthday.

It was about a 30 minute drive outside the town of Puerto Jimenez and into the jungle.

Ojo del Mar is a tranquil jungle paradise. It is the perfect place to get back to nature, stillness, and peace. Don’t expect to find fancy soaps, and servants at your beck and call.

What Ojo del Mar can do, is help you reclaim your wildness, and being in the moment. This jungle oasis nestled in the tropical rain forest is a nature lovers paradise.

Scarlet Macaw at Ojo del Mar

Colourful macaws regularly flying overhead, troops of free roaming monkeys passing down skills to their offspring, and reptiles sunbathing on trees are just some of the beautiful wildlife you can expect to find here.

The eco-lodge is 100% off the grid, so there is no wifi, television, air conditioning, or telephones, making it that much easier to be in the moment.

Ojo del Mar

Ojo del Mar has a natural pool on the grounds, or if you prefer, the beach is 30 yards away. There is also a more swimmable beach about a 15 minute walk away.
Yoga classes begin at 9am daily; there are also nature walks, surfing, and paddle boarding available.

The common area is a beautiful space to meet new people or to get lost in the many books from the library.

Our breakfasts consisted of coffee, tea, fresh fruit juice, fruit salad, rice and beans, fried plantain, and a really hearty homemade bread.

Please do have dinner here one night, as Nico is a wonderful cook!
Because it was low season, the 3 of us were the only ones at the lodge, and dinner is usually only served if there are 4 or more guests, but Nico made an exception for my mother’s birthday.

Happy 60th Birthday Mom

Our appetizer was fresh homemade bread with a pesto olive oil, and our main course was a smorgasbord of flavours. A sweet and spicy Moroccan squash dish, savoury couscous, perfectly pickled beets, and onions, and 2 beautiful salads; chickpea mango-and my absolute favourite, shredded raw carrot and coconut. Incredibly simple, and so tasty.


Truly one of the best meals we have had during our 2 months in Costa Rica.

Buffet dinners can also be arranged upon request for large groups of people.


The Buildings

17 years ago Nico and Mark arrived in Costa Rica to a piece of jungle and a dream.

Presently, Ojo del Mar is still, and forever will be a work in progress, but what they have done with the area is inspiring.

Ojo del Mar

The couple designed all of the buildings on the property using bamboo, and wood from reforested trees. Bamboo is an extremely sustainable material, as it grows rapidly, does not require pesticides for cultivation, sequesters carbon, and yields high output in a small area.

Our bungalow blended in beautifully with the rainforest. There is no need for air conditioning as it was built with sustainability in mind, taking advantage of natural ventilation and light.

The 3 of us stayed in a 2 storey bungalow that accommodates 4 people.
Cody and I slept on the second floor loft, and had wonderfully silent and undisturbed sleeps.

On our second morning, we woke up to a group of 7 monkeys in the trees just ahead of us.


Truly a jungle paradise.

I have a thing for bathrooms, and my most beloved bathroom design is one that is either fully, or partially outdoors. Being able to shower in the middle of the jungle with no walls obstructing the sights and sounds is a beautiful thing.


And of course, it is completely private.

I feel it is often very difficult for people to fully relax and disconnect from a busy life.

Staying a few nights at Ojo del Mar can certainly help anyone get back in touch with their true nature. After all, there is no time but now.


“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness”
~John Muir~

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  1. Angie June 7, 2016 Reply

    That is the shower of my dreams. What an amazing place!

    • Giselle and Cody June 13, 2016 Reply

      Absolutely in love with outdoor showers surrounded by jungle and nature…..
      This shower was one of our faves ever!!!

  2. Ema John July 21, 2017 Reply

    nice post Giselle with beautiful photography…….

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