Places To Find Vegan Sushi In New York

Sushi is a very odd food in that it’s been so trendy for so long it’s almost become a sort of cultural phenomenon, rather than just a food preparation. When you really think about it, sushi is everywhere.


Lately there’s been a completely ludicrous trend toward sushi wedding cakes, proving that true enthusiasts might just enjoy this food anywhere and on any occasion. If you’re imagining a multilayer tower of sushi, artfully arranged in colored tiers with sweets mixed in, you’ve pretty much got it. Whether or not this is actually a good idea is up to each individual to decide, but it certainly speaks to the almost cult-like popularity of sushi in modern society. If there are wedding cakes being made, it stands to reason people are probably doing just about everything you can with sushi.

Almost just as strangely we’ve seen a trend of sushi popping up in video games for years now. “Sushi Cat” has been a popular title both on browser arcade sites and in app stores. More recently “So Much Sushi” has been introduced as a popular online slot game. The Canada-based casino gaming platform SlotSource lists it as one of several highlighted games by the software developer Microgaming, and shows graphics that imitate a sushi restaurant complete with colorful menu items (which no doubt look appetizing to many players).

We could go on, but you get the idea. Sushi might be the longest running food trend in modern society. As such, it’s not surprising that it’s also become an option for vegans. Particularly in bigger cities, vegan sushi is becoming a more popular offering, and one that a lot of people can appreciate. To that point, some great little vegan sushi restaurants have popped up in New York City over the years, so we thought we’d highlight a few of them.


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Just last summer an online vegan publication listed some of their own great picks for vegan sushi in New York, and Franchia came in first. Located on the famous Park Avenue, in a rather unassuming location, it offers a full range of traditional sushi rolls made with alternative vegan ingredients (right down to vegan crab meat). The “Roll Combination” is the best way to sample them all.

Beyond Sushi

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Beyond Sushi is probably the best-known vegan sushi place in New York, and has a few locations around the city, most notably in Union Square and Hell’s Kitchen. They’re attractive, trendy-looking establishments with a heavy focus on sweet potatoes and avocado on their menus.

Catch NYC

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Located in downtown Manhattan not far from the World Trade Center, Catch NYC is a somewhat famous establishment, and not entirely a vegan one. It’s a large, open, beautiful restaurant with multiple floors and rooftop dining, and it’s become known for a few vegan sushi offerings on its menu. The Vegetable King Roll in particular, built around king oyster mushrooms, is a hit.


Kajitsu is on the east side of Manhattan, between the Murray Hill neighborhood and the Chrysler Building, and is a somewhat simple yet upscale restaurant, designed in a traditional Japanese fashion. While it bills itself as vegetarian rather than vegan, most of the sushi dishes are suitable for vegan diners.

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