Aum Restaurant Chiang Mai, Thailand

Aum Restaurant is located on Moon Muang road in Chiang Mai’s Old city, right across from Tai Phae Gate.

It is our go to restaruant in Chiang Mai. If we can’t think of a place to go, or don’t feel like a particular restaurant, we will go directly to Aum.

Aum Restaurant

Aum Restaurant

Aum is a down to earth humble Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant run by a nice Thai family. They have a main floor with wooden chairs and tables, and a relaxing upstairs where you can lounge on Thai style pillows and chill out if you are with a big group.

For drinks, we usually order the lemon juice with fresh mint. You can have it with or without sugar. It is a tad tart without sugar so we ask for rice syrup to sweeten it. They also have the ever famous fruit shakes.

We sampled the vegetarian tempura as an appetizer. It was crispy, and light, but a bit oily.

Vegetable Tempura


Thailand is not a big salad country, unless you are thinking papaya, or mango salads, but sometimes we just crave a big salad full of leafy greens, and veggies.

The Indian salad at Aum is fantastic!! It is big enough for 2, and the dressing that is served with it is amazing! It is a pureed pumpkin dressing topped with peanuts and crispy onions. It is also  served with tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, and tofu. If you like avocado, try their green salad.

Indian Salad


All of their stir fried dishes are tasty as well. You can order a side of brown rice for 20 baht.

Aum has just started serving Tempeh. You can order it with any meal for an extra 50 baht. You can also add spirulina powder to any shake, or take a bag home with you for 350 baht.


Thanks to Aum for many great meals!


*Our visit was courtesy of Aum, but these opinions are our own*

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  1. Lucia October 9, 2013 Reply

    Looks like a great restaurant to experience some yummy, cruel free food.
    Next time I’m in Chaing Mai, I’ll stop by…

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