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We picked a great day to visit Feel Good Guru in Toronto Ontario! It was warm and sunny and when we arrived  the raw food cafe was buzzing with good energy and several customers.

We introduced ourselves to one of the lovely staff members and she quickly left to find Moira Nordholt, the owner of Feel Good Guru.


Moira explained a little bit about the concept of Feel Good Guru which is clear to see hanging on the inside wall from floor to ceiling.

Raw, Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free. What’s not to love?

We love finding places like Feel Good Guru. Happy people serving delicious, and nourishing kind food.

Feel Good Guru

Feel Good Interior

So what did we have for lunch you ask?

I had the 1/2 Avo Sandwich and Tokyo Toss Noodles and the Energizer


1/2 Avo Sandwich and Tokyo Toss

1/2 Avo Sandwich and Tokyo Toss

Avo Sandwich
Avocado, cashew cheese, cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, market greens, house mustard, sea salt, pepper, and house grown sunflower sprouts, all lovingly wrapped in a live yam and sundried tomato bread.

Tokyo Toss
Buckwheat noodles, spicy market greens, bok choy, marinated tempeh, red peppers, black sesame seeds, and maple shitake mushrooms in a sesame ginger dressing.

Fresh carrot, apple, and ginger juice

Antioxidant i.v. and Energizer

Antioxidant i.v. and Energizer

Everything was perfect. I loved the live yam and sundried tomato flat bread stuffed with so many fresh vegetables. And the noodles were light, and had a delicious sesame flavor. The Energizer was sweet and packed with ginger. Loved it! We really enjoy eating good nutritious food that satisfies our hunger but doesn’t leave us feeling full and unhealthy.

Cody thoroughly enjoyed the Feel Good Falafal and the Antioxidant I.V.


Feel Good Falafal

Feel Good Falafal


 Feel Good Falafal
Sprouted chickpea and quinoa falafal balls in a live yam and red pepper wrap, stuffed with house made pickles, dill pickles, parsley, mixed greens, and micro greens, cukes, and tomatoes, drizzled in tahini garlic sauce.

Antioxidant I.V.
Fresh grapefruit, apple, and pineapple juice
Scrumptious Raw Falafal

Scrumptious Raw Falafal

“This is one of the best falafals I have ever tasted, and I have had a lot of falafals”

~Cody Kuchirka~

The Antioxidant I.V. was full of grapefruit goodness! A fruit we haven’t had in over 17 months!

We couldn’t turn down dessert, so we sampled the Raw Gurumisu


Delicious Gurumisu

Delicious Gurumisu


Raw Gurumisu

Raw cacao nibs, and almonds, cocoa “cream” with raw cacao, coffee cream with a tiny hit of coffee from their friends next door at The White Squirrel, and whipped coconut cream. All lightly sweetened with maple syrup.


Guilt Free Dessert

Guilt Free Dessert

WOW.  They were right. It blew our minds. Rich, and indulgent, with no guilt. We like that.

Moira was nice enough to send us home with a few more raw desserts to sample.

A raw vegan cinnamon bun made with walnuts, dates, cinnamon & coconut maple icing.

A red velvet brownie made with walnuts, dates, beets, superfoods and a coconut maple icing.
And the “Super-cocoa-fragilistic” is their raw vegan chocolate bar made with hempseeds, goji berries, raw cacao and maple syrup.
Were they all delicious? You bet your ass they were!! We especially enjoyed the raw Cinnamon bun.

Feel Good Guru has an organic garden on the premises and a larger garden across the street. They even offer blankets so you can have a picnic across the street at Trinity Bellwoods Park and people watch. How cool is that?

Huge thanks to Feel Good Guru for one our first experiences with raw food. All of your food is beautiful and made with love and care.


“Our work is not work when we do what we love and love what we do. We believe in bowing deeply to the Feel Good Guru in you.


*Our visit was hosted by Feel Good Guru, but these opinions are our own*


Feel Good Guru  is located at 917 Queen street West, in Toronto, Ontario.

Hours 11-8 Tuesday to Friday, 11-6 Saturday and Sunday, Closed on Mondays.

Check them out on Facebook  and Twitter


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  1. Franca July 30, 2013 Reply

    I’m so jealous right now!
    I had only few chances to have row food meals, and they all turned out to be amazing. The flavors are simply gorgeous and so different from the cooked stuff, glad you loved it too! 🙂

    • Giselle and Cody August 13, 2013 Reply

      Franca, if you ever get over to Toronto then you and Dale need to hit up this place for sure. It was so delicious.

  2. Hiruka December 15, 2013 Reply

    If I ever come over to Toronto you must show me this place.
    The food looks lovely and I would like to eat it all.

  3. Brandon Jackson January 11, 2014 Reply

    I just hit this place up the other day after reading this review.
    I agree with Cody in that those Falafals are damn good!!

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