Gloryhole Doughnuts, Toronto, Ontario


So we finally made it home, and our first stop downtown Toronto was Gloryhole doughnuts on Queen West to try out some vegan doughnuts.


Gloryhole Doughnuts

Mmmmm, we were so excited to finally have some Vegan Doughnuts

We haven’t had any in over 2 years and these ones were awesome!!

We sampled the lemon blueberry, sugar and cinnamon, and vanilla sprinkle doughnuts.

Gloryhole Doughnuts

After not eating any for 28 months, we would have paid $100!! Ok, well maybe not $100.

They were all fresh, fluffy, and delicious. Our favourite was the crunchy and spicy sugar and cinnamon. It’s such a classic, you can’t go wrong.

The vanilla sprinkle was really sweet, and went perfect with a cold glass of almond milk.


We both agreed that the middle one was our favourite.

The lemon blueberry was tart, and tangy. I love lemon flavoured baked goods!


Sugar Cinnamon and the Vanilla Sprinkled


There was no difference in flavour and texture between a regular doughnut and the vegan doughnuts, so give the vegan ones a try and be kind to animals!


*Our donuts were courtesy of Gloryhole Doughnuts, but these opinions are our own.*

Gloryhole Doughnuts, Toronto, Ontario
1596 Queen S. West
Website: Gloryhole Doughnuts or on Facebook
Tel. 647 352 4848



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  1. Dale June 20, 2014 Reply

    Om nom. Never really been one for donuts, but anything from I’m more than happy to have a surprise from Glory Hole.

    We’re finding more and more fantastic vegan bakeries and now we can barely tell the difference between vegan and non-vegan.

    • Giselle and Cody June 20, 2014 Reply

      It’s crazy how they are everywhere now. So many places are starting to have Vegan options. It goes to show you how big it is becoming.I love the name as well. Glory Hole Doughnuts 🙂

  2. Ried July 5, 2014 Reply

    I am going to hit up this place for sure if I make it Toronto.

    Looks delicious.

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