Kristi House, Chiang Mai, Thailand


We have stayed in several hotels in the last two years of travel, and we can’t think of a better place for value than Kristi House.

Kristi House is located in Chiang Mai in the old city down the Sunday night market street on soi 5. 


Kristi House

The rooms are huge, clean, they always have very hot water, good wifi, and it is a safe place to stay. We have stayed at Kristi House at least 30 times and have never been disappointed.

Kristi House

The only con to Kristi House, is that there are no advanced bookings. You have to show up or call on the day you want to stay and hope that there is a room available.

Kind of a bummer, but there was only one time we arrived at Kirsti House and were turned away. We showed up the next day and got a room.

Kristi House

Check them out here if you are heading up to Chiang Mai and are looking for a clean, safe, no frills budget place to stay.

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