Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa, Paro, Bhutan


Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa is nestled into the side of a mountain about 20 minutes from the center of Paro, Bhutan.


Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa

The view from our room.


We arrived on the second last day of our time in Bhutan, and what a view to end our time with. We arrived later in the evening and were welcomed with a white welcome scarf and some hot tea.


A warm and cozy room with wall to wall windows showcases the spectacular view that every room has at Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa.

Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa

The room with a beautiful view


One wall in our room was completely painted in a floral design. The same paint for the design is used throughout the whole property, and is made from ingredients from the earth. Mud and tree sap makes the paint last longer. The Swedish under floor heating system was a blessing after coming in from the cold.


Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa

All natural paint


We had the most magnificent view of Mount Jumolhari and the surrounding nature from our wall to wall windows.


The main construction materials for Naksel are indigenous and locally purchased. Traditional windows, mud bricks, framework, and even furniture, were crafted in the local village of Ngoba, connecting Naksel to the  surrounding forest.


Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa

Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa


Our inclusive breakfast was delicious. We had fresh bread baked in house, baked beans, tomatoes, fresh fruit, oatmeal, and more.


Late in the afternoon we became hungry and so we decided to order dinner early. I called the kitchen to order a plate of rice, a plate of pasta, two orders of veg momo’s, and some spinach. At the end of our stay we received our bill. The total was $50. Naksel does offer a buffet dinner for $25 per person. It would have been greatly appreciated if we had been notified that we could have had an all you can eat meal for the same price as the small amount of food that we ordered earlier in the day. Unfortunately that was a disappointment.


Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa

Breakfast Buffet

We did not try the spa at Naksel as we felt that it was quite over priced. If you do stay there and would like to sample something from the spa menu, we recommend trying the hot stone bath, especially in the winter months.


Overall, our stay at Naksel was very enjoyable and comfortable. The views are what makes Naksel what it is.

In harmony with nature, and simply elegant.





*Our stay was courtesy of  Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa, but these opinions are our own.*



Ngoba Village,Lango Gewog, Paro

Website: Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa or on Facebook Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa


Tel: (+975 8) 272992

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  1. Lucia January 10, 2014 Reply

    I’d love to stay there for a few nights… relaxing and soothing
    with herbs in your bath…love the view from the rooms!

    • Giselle and Cody January 16, 2014 Reply

      The view is what really made this stay special.
      Waking up to the mountains is such a great way to wake up.
      You would love it there.

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