Rashmi’s Bakery, Brampton, Ontario


After being on the road for 16 months we were super excited about coming home and we had several plans already. Our first weekend back in Toronto this summer was full of friends and family. We had a Vegan welcome back bbq for everyone and Rashmi’s Bakery was kind enough to provide us with some amazing baked goods.


They delivered a beautiful fluffy vanilla cake garnished with fresh strawberries, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream frosting, flaky pastry samosas, and amazing cream horns!! There was an abundance of everything and we knew that these baked goods would be a big hit at the Bbq.


Rashmi's Bakery

So many amazing baked goods to choose from.

The pastry samosas and light and flaky cream horns were a big hit!
Everyone wanted the recipe for the samosas, and the cream horns were gone in a matter of minutes. The samosa filling was a perfectly spiced curried potato, and the cream horns were so light and delicious; the cream filling had just the right amount of sweetness.



The  strawberry vanilla cream cake and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting were perfect.
Both were light and not too filling, and the frosting was not heavy at all. And who doesn’t love strawberries and “cream”? It is a great cake for spring and summer celebrations. The cupcakes were  also fluffy and full of flavour. They were both gone in a matter of minutes!



Thank you so much to Rashmi’s Bakery  for all of the wonderful baked goods. Everyone loved them…..especially Giselle.


Rashmi's Bakery

Thank you Rashmi’s Bakery


Rashmi’s Bakery provides quality cakes and baked goods that are vegan, egg free, and nut free.


They are located in Brampton, Ontario Unit #13, 80 Pertosa Drive



*Baked goods provided by Rashmi’s Bakery, but these opinions are our own*

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  1. Elizabeth October 8, 2013 Reply

    Yes, the deserts from Rashmi’s Bakery were delicious. I will have to visit them in Brampton and tell them I tried their amazing baked goods at your bbq. Yummy!

    • GiselleandCody December 31, 2013 Reply

      The baked goods at out Vegan BBQ were so amazing.
      All that goodness and cruelty free!!! <3

  2. Lucia October 9, 2013 Reply

    Boy those flaky cream puffs must have been delicious to get them
    all over your face….yuuuummmmyyyy…I will get to that bakery
    at some point and order those puffs…

    • GiselleandCody December 31, 2013 Reply

      They were so delicious!! 🙂
      Make sure that when you do go there we are home so you can share them with us.

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