Sheese Vegan Cheeses


Sheese sent us several of their flavours of non diary cheese to try out, and what can I possibly say about Sheese other than I am so incredibly impressed with all of their cheeses!


Just a few of the many great flavours of Sheese

Even the blue cheese, (which I really don’t like) tasted exactly like the dairy version of blue cheese that I really don’t like.
Every single one of their cheeses had the same consistency of dairy cheeses. They were delicious, salty, incredible with wine, and grapes on a cheese platter. 

Many people couldn’t even tell the difference real cheese and sheese

I found like dairy cheese they were very salty. They went well in our baguette sandwiches with maple tempeh and lettuce. The cream cheese spreads were perfect for breakfast with cinnamon toast or open face with tomatoes or cucumbers. We also mixed it in with our tofu scramble with sautéed onions.

Wine and Sheese….Heaven!!

Every one of these cheeses were incredible………. ok maybe except for the blue cheese, but that’s just my personal taste.


Vegans- give these a try, they will impress you.


Non-vegans- take steps to cruelty free living with Sheese. I bet it will even fool your cheese loving friends!


Go out and get yourself some of this kind food!


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  1. Elizabeth February 25, 2015 Reply

    Is this the same “cheese” that we had at your summer BBQ?
    If so, it was incredible and you couldn’t even tell the difference. So delicious!!!

    • Giselle and Cody February 25, 2015 Reply

      This is the same stuff we had at the BBQ in the summer.
      This is the company that makes that awesome mild cheddar you loved (and ate the whole tray of) 🙂

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