Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort, Dahab, Egypt


Sheikh Ali is not just a hotel in Dahab, Egypt, but also a man. The owner of the hotel named it after his father who founded the very first bedouin camp in Dahab in the 80’s, and welcomed visitors with his coffee made on an open fire, and his Rababah music.


Sheikh Ali Resort

The view we had most days while relaxing by the pool.


We arrived in the late afternoon after crossing the border from Israel. We were offered a warm welcome at front desk and were taken to our room. We spotted the beautiful large swimming pool immediately, as well as how well taken care of the property was.

Sheikh Ali is Dabab’s first all suite hotel. The rooms are huge, and it is located very close to the main strip of Dahab.

The beds are very large and very comfortable; we had great sleep every night.


Sheikh Ali Resort

This bed was soooo extremely comfy


There is an outdated television in the sitting room that probably would have been better placed in an area where it could be watched from the bed, or better yet it could be removed all together.

The bathrooms are also quite large with a great shower and constant hot water.


Sheikh Ali Resort

The huge room that we had all to ourselves


We had a mini fridge to place our cold drinks in, and there is also a wardrobe to hang your clothing, and a counter for any items you may have.

The sun was hot, so we spent a lot of time by the pool under the shade of an umbrella. The swimming pool was cool, lovely, and very clean.


Sheikh Ali Resort

Most of our time was spent lounging around the pool


Each room either has a porch on the first floor, or a balcony where you can sit and enjoy a cold Sakara.

A la carte breakfast is included every morning. We had our favourites; falafal, and foul, with tomatoes, and cucumbers everyday. The breakfast was very nice, especially the foul.


Sheikh Ali Resort

Delicious grilled Vegetables


There is indoor and outdoor seating at the restaurant and they also have a full menu for lunch and dinner. We had dinner a few times and it was really excellent. The food was really fresh and so tasty.

There are a handful of cats that spend their time around the hotel. They are very sweet and seem to be taken care of by the staff. We love this about hotels that we visit. It brings a certain kind of charm and kindness to the place.


Sheikh Ali Resort

One of the many friendly resort cats


We had a great stay at Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort, and recommend it if you want to be close to the main strip of Dahab.


*Our stay was courtesy of Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort, but these opinions are our own.*

Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort, Dahab, Egypt
Website: Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort or on Facebook
Tel. +2 069 364 2991


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    It looks simple and pretty. I would definitely love to stay in a place like that.

    • Giselle and Cody June 23, 2014 Reply

      Hey Suki,

      it is a very pretty and simple place. Hope you make it there one day.

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