Soul to Bowl Creamy Vegan Alfredo


One of my all time favourite non vegan dishes was fettuccine alfredo.


So when I discovered Soul to Bowl, I was thrilled. I met Kailey Gilchrist, creator and owner of Soul to Bowl downtown Toronto, to personally pick up a jar of this delicious alfredo sauce to try for myself.


Soul to Bowl

Soul to Bowl Creamy Vegan Alfredo

Cody and I bought some spinach chia fettuccine pasta and vegan chicken to go with Soul to Bowl.


Let me tell you, this sauce is sooooo delicious and creamy! We loved it!
Soul to Bowl

Super excited to try it!!

Made with cashew nuts and olive oil, Soul to Bowl is so much healthier than the classic heavy cream laden alfredo sauces out there, yet still matches up to the flavour, and the texture is perfect too. Our friends, who are not vegan, could not even tell the difference in the sauces.


Soul to Bowl

Fettuccine Alfredo with Vegan Chicken

This dish was so delicious we both had two servings! I also made scalloped potatoes and used Soul to Bowl. They were amazing! Next time I’m going to use it as a pizza sauce.
No doubt that this sauce will be a regular in my kitchen.


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  1. […] We tried Soul To Bowl before visiting Veg Food Fest and loved it. I used to LOVE fettuccine alfredo before being vegan, and now that I am vegan- and will be for life, I’ll never have to miss out on one of my favourite dishes. There are no sacrifices going on here. […]

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