Tipi Jungla, Costa Rica

The hand painted sign at the foot path of Tipi Jungla reads “A Special Place for Special People”.

Welcome to Tipi Jungla

Indeed Tipi Jungla Ecolodge is a special place for those who appreciate and honour all of what nature has to offer.
We spent 2 nights in an open air tipi drifting to sleep with the help of soothing sounds from the jungle.

Tipi Jungla, with it’s impressive natural surroundings, offers you a true jungle experience, partly due to it being untouched by consumerist tourism.

The view from Tipi Jungla

It exists to be in harmony with natural life that resinates in all of us. Staying in Tipi Jungla truly felt like being in the heart of the forest. Everything was pulsating and full of life, from the cries of the monkeys, to the gurgling of the frogs, to the chirping of the birds, to the of the Toucans; the jungle was alive.

Nothing stands in the way of you and the wildlife. The vastness of lush green that is the habitat to a plethora of life, from insects to wild cats, welcomed us to a few nights of total jungle bliss.

We had many visitors during our stay. Spiders stood their ground at the highest point of the tipi (as it is more their home than ours), poison dart frogs sprung in and out of our room, and capuchin monkeys swayed in the canopies above our quarters.

The main house has a deck from where you can admire a broader view of the rainforest. You are protected from the beaming hot sun and pouring rain by a wooden roof and rustic built benches that are covered with cushions.

The chandelier in the common area is not made of crystals, but constructed with driftwood in it’s natural state.

Mario, co-owner of Tipi Jungla, informs all of his guests how vulnerable the jungle really is, and how important it is to remain in balance with the biodiversity. He is well versed in the environment that surrounds this natural paradise he calls home.

The meals that are served at the lodge are authentic to the true meaning of a natural eco-experience. All meals are vegetarian or vegan which exemplifies a sustainable way of life.

This eco-lodge is the closest and truest to being ecologically mindful in many respects.


For those who are vegan or vegetarian, this will be their haven. For those who are meat eaters, this is a temporary home to learn more about the importance of all life and the heathy aspect a plant based diet offers.

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  1. Lucia Pereira June 16, 2016 Reply

    I loved it there. I was truly an authentic experience that pays homage to all of life.
    I would love to return one day….it was peaceful, relaxing, educational and heartwarming.

    • Giselle and Cody July 3, 2016 Reply

      It was an amazing place to spend a few days and get away from the hustle and bustle.
      Thank you so much for making the trip and spending time with us 🙂

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