Tattooed People of Myanmar


Being huge lovers of tattoo culture, traveling is one of the best ways to discover different tattoo designs and connect with people.


We love meeting new people around the globe who are tattooed and listening to their stories.


We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, but every single one of them has a story.

Tattooed people in Myanmar

Heart and Dagger in Kalaw, Myanmar

While in Myanmar, we came across several people who were tattooed. People always wanted to see the work we had done, and always asked if we were tattoo artists.

Tattooed people in Myanmar

One of the nicest tattoos we saw while in Myanmar

The Burmese people kept telling us that Myanmar is “Tattoo Crazy!!”


They have always had their place in Burmese culture and they seem to be making a comeback with the youth.


Here is a gallery of some of the tattooed people we met while in Myanmar.


You can also check out our video of Giselle getting tattooed in Nepal.


Tattooed people in Myanmar

Traditional Tattoo in Hpa An, Myanmar

Tattooed people in Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar

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  1. cody markin January 25, 2014 Reply

    Love this topic guys! I love tattoos too and seeing different ones from around the world is extremely fascinating. Cody, that chest piece is beast! Dominates everyone haha so badass! Gotta sat the traditional thai tattoos may be my fav!

    • Giselle and Cody January 25, 2014 Reply

      Yeah we love seeing tattoos around the world. They make the world more colourful and interesting. We hope to collect them as we travel, so far so good 😉

  2. Mark Stewart January 25, 2014 Reply

    I absolutely love tattoos. As a multi tattooed person I love to see the different cultures and different styles of tattooing around the world. Following Giselle and Cody and seeing the people who they have had the chance to meet is a wonderful opportunity for me to see tattoos from around the world. I would love to have a tattoo done by the bamboo needles. Maybe Giselle or Cody can post a video of them getting tattooed this way. I am so jealous of the work day get done and would love to have it for myself but I get to live a second life through them. Lots of fun that’s for sure.

    • Giselle and Cody January 25, 2014 Reply

      Hey Mark, wish you could experience it with us! We are happy to have you following us on our adventures, and glad that you enjoy all of our travels and experiences.

  3. Bob January 25, 2014 Reply

    This is really awesome. Thanks, mindful wanderlust

  4. Franca January 25, 2014 Reply

    Wow! My favourite is the one on the knee, very cool!

    • Giselle and Cody January 25, 2014 Reply

      Yeah the tattoos on the knees are pretty great. Wonder how much that would hurt though? I guess we’ll find out soon enough! LOL….

  5. Danielle January 25, 2014 Reply

    The smallest things can allow people to connect, tattoos are so universal. I love it, wish I could come visit.

    • Giselle and Cody January 25, 2014 Reply

      You’re right Danielle. All people have to do is let their guard down just a bit, and making a connection is pretty simple after that. We’ve been very lucky with everyone we’ve met. There are great people all around the world!

  6. Cindy Grollleman January 25, 2014 Reply

    Very nice work guys… Love the pictures!

    In fact, one of the things I find most intriguing about your photos and blogs is that through your work you consistently illustrate how things, be it music, art, food or even a tattoo can transcend divergent cultures and bring people together.

    It’s amazing how people in completely different parts of the world with largely diverse lifestyles and beliefs can instantly relate or as you said, connect to each other! Reminds me that we are not as dissimilar as we like to think… we’re all still “just human.”

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Giselle and Cody January 25, 2014 Reply

      It’s so true Cindy. We are all more similar than we are different. And smiling at strangers is the best way to show that.

  7. Jenn January 26, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful art from such a wonderful place. I love seeing every individual’s unique style and how they decorate themselves.

  8. Lucia January 27, 2014 Reply

    very unique designs and so interesting that the art of tattoo is so
    ancient and wide spread….well, I got my very first tattoo in
    Chaing Mai, Thailand and I love it!!! you always have such interesting

    • Giselle and Cody January 27, 2014 Reply

      There is tattooing around the world and has been around forever.
      So now that you have your first tattoo are you going to start working on a full body suit 🙂
      Love you Mom!!

  9. Diana Edelman February 3, 2014 Reply

    Every tattoo tells a story. I love posts like this!

  10. Abby February 4, 2014 Reply

    I love the cool photo of that guy’s knee! I love hearing people’s tattoo stories.

    • Giselle and Cody February 5, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Abby. We really loved his tattoos as well.
      The ones on his knees were really nice.

  11. Alex February 4, 2014 Reply

    While I may be ink free myself, I love seeing tattoos on others — especially the ocean and travel inspired variety! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Mindy & Ligeia February 12, 2014 Reply

    Neither Ligeia nor I have any tattoos. However, the idea of getting something small, expressing my vegan life might force me to get inked 🙂 One day…

  13. Yara Coelho February 15, 2014 Reply

    Awesome post! I was about to get another tattoo while in Thailand at the “tattoo temple” but found out they use the same bamboo sticks and don’t sterilize anything, so I changed my mind. Every single one of my tattoos have a very deep and special meaning, reminding me of certain wonderful or hard episodes in my life. Hopefully will expand them soon, since 2014 promises to become one of the best years ever!
    A big hug from cold Switzerland!

    • Giselle and Cody February 21, 2014 Reply

      Hey Yara,

      You definitely made the right decision by not getting a tattoo by anyone who doesn’t sterilize their tools. We love our tattoos too! Some mean a lot to us, and others are just beautiful art work. We look forward to more bod adornation in the future! Hugs from hot Thailand!!

  14. Maria Borden February 16, 2014 Reply

    I really want to get a tattoo but I am so scared of needles….I don\t think I could handle the pain either. How bad is the pain? I guess it depends on where you get it?

    • Giselle and Cody February 20, 2014 Reply

      Maria, it does depend on where you are getting tattooed. They all hurt regardless but some do hurt more then others.
      Cody says his ankle tattoos were the worst and I would have to say my ribs were pretty bad. Good thing the pain doesn’t last forever 🙂

  15. Chad Metz April 7, 2014 Reply

    Just found your blog though Facebook but you have some great content and beautiful photos. It’s cool to see a travel blog with some different content and not just all about the beach 🙂

    • Giselle and Cody April 8, 2014 Reply

      Thanks so much Chad. We will admit that we love the beach a lot but we also want to show a different side of travelling, that a lot of people might not see. Glad you like the blog and thank you so much for following.

  16. […] curious, they stare a lot, but we have never had any problems with any people in foreign countries. Check out our post on the tattooed people of Myanmar.  Of course some people judge, in their mind, or in their religion it is not right to mark your […]

  17. Jay October 29, 2014 Reply

    Getting something traditional (or at least inspired by traditional Burmese tats) in Yangon next week. 🙂 Thanks for the great pics!

    • Giselle and Cody November 2, 2014 Reply

      Jay, that’s awesome. Please feel free to send us any photos of tattoos you get done in Myanmar.

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