Why We Want To Travel The World

The Great Pyramids

The Great Pyramids

“Aren’t you afraid of being kidnapped?” Is a question we hear often when sharing our news of world travel with people. We are always surprised at the amount of fear people have about travelling outside of North America. Sure there are dangers, but there are dangers all over our part of the world as well. Cody and I tend not to dwell on  the dangers, we don’t plan on walking through dark alleys in unsafe cities, and we are generally pretty aware of our surroundings. We also believe that the more you focus on something, the more you attract it to you.


Humans by nature are nomadic, so where did we go wrong repeating the same activities day after day, living unthoughtful dull lives, and fearing other cultures? Modern conveniences have made us so lazy that we just don’t feel like exploring our surroundings. We sit in our climate controlled boxes, eat unconsciously, and tune out with mindless television. Life becomes safe, predictable, and boring.


“So you’re just going to quit your jobs and take off? That’s crazy I couldn’t do that”


Yep, that’s exactly what we’re going to do! And yes you CAN do that, you just choose not to.


There is so much fear that comes with attachment. For us, letting all of it go is giving us a huge sense of freedom. We are selling a lot of our belongings, and everything we decide to keep (shoes, clothing, drum sets) etc… going into storage. We have invested a significant amount of money for when (or if) we decide to return from our travels so we will have some funds to return to.


“Isn’t that a bit irresponsible?”


What? Quitting our jobs, leaving the western world behind, and exploring the beautiful earth for as long as we can? Absolutely not! It’s Living life! It’s Choosing to live “our” lives “our” way. Granted it’s living an unconventional life, but conventionality is overrated, and it really doesn’t appeal to us. We want to live remarkable lives. And we definitely do not live our lives according to what other people want us to do.


“Why do you want to travel”?


We want to live extraordinary abundant lives. We want to meet and connect with people. Discover similarities more than differences. Taste new and exotic foods. Learn about ourselves. Discover how beautiful our planet is (although we are already aware of it’s wonder and beauty) We want to be still, think, and have fun.
We want to grow and have life changing experiences.We want to spread love. We want adventure. We want spontaneity. We want unspoilt beaches.
Need we say more?   🙂


this blog is in no way an insult to those who are perfectly happy to live the conventional life. If you are happy, we are happy for you   🙂
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