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Mindful Wanderlust encourages traveling compassionately and living consciously.
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Are The Azores Worth Adding to Your Bucket List?

The Azores are a group of 9 islands in the mid-Atlantic Ocean distinguished by beautiful landscapes, fishing villages, lush greenery, …
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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Hitchhiking in Mexico

“Oh my god you’re going to Egypt?!” “You’re travelling through India? Be careful” “Why are you going to Iran?” “You’re hitchhiking in Mexico? Oh god, …
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These Vegetarian Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta Shocked Us

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta may not be our absolute favorite Mexican destination, but we can’t deny …
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We’re Giselle and Cody. We are a creative, vegan, art and travel loving couple wanting to share our experiences around the globe with people, while doing it in a compassionate and responsible way.

We have been traveling for the past 12 years and hope to inspire others to view the world around them in a completely different way. Our goal is to raise awareness about the issues that affect us all, and to use our privilege for good. 

We look forward to meeting new people on our journey, learning about ourselves and others, while being mindful and considerate.

Join us for glimpses of art, animal rights, human rights, culture, yummy vegan food, working with animals, and whatever else we find that piques our interest.

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