These Vegetarian Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta Shocked Us

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta may not be our absolute favorite Mexican destination, but we can’t deny that this seaside town has some amazingly delicious vegan cuisine.

As travel lovers who plan our adventures around good food and animal encounters, PV has delivered on both fronts so far!

We’ve discovered that despite not being at the top of our Mexican travel list, Puerto Vallarta still serves up incredible vegetarian dining options that make it a worthwhile spot for plant-based foodies like us.

From fresh, flavorful dishes at small local spots to upscale, globally inspired vegan fare, the Puerto Vallarta food scene offers plenty to satisfy our palates and inspire fellow vegan travelers.

Even though the city has its flaws and wouldn’t rank in our top Mexican picks overall, we can’t overlook the standout vegetarian restaurants that compel us to return.

Puerto Vallarta has emerged as an unlikely vegan dining destination that provides delicious fuel for our ongoing quest to experience ethical eating across the globe.

So join us as we highlight the very best vegetarian restaurants, convincing us to give Puerto Vallarta another chance!

We’re showcasing the places that remind us that looks can be deceiving when it comes to judging a town’s vegan friendliness.

Grab a fork and appetites as we dive into Puerto Vallarta’s tastiest plant-based havens!


Veggie table is a brand new vegan restaurant located in central Puerto Vallarta close to the Malecon (Boardwalk) a few blocks away from the beach.


They serve giant burritos, vegan burgers, curries, Asian steamed dumplings, sandwiches, and incredible tacos.

vegan burgers

At Veggie Table, Cody and I indulged in a mouthwatering vegetarian feast. He ordered a massive burrito packed to the brim with flavorful fillings.

I decided on four irresistible tacos: two seitan chorizo, one soy asada, and one stuffed with crunchy cabbage.

Every single taco exceeded my expectations, bursting with incredible flavors. For those who like heat, Veggie Table has communal tables stocked with spicy salsas like creamy avocado cilantro and a tomato-based hot sauce.

This vegan hotspot also has a refrigerator filled with plant-based products to go. You can grab veggie burgers, coconut yogurt, soy meats, microgreens, coconut, rice, soy milk, and more.

Veggie Table makes it easy to keep the flavorful plant-based eats going once you leave the restaurant.

micro greens

The owner of Veggie Table, Sandra, warmly welcomed us and carefully went through the menu, explaining how each dish was prepared. Her passion for the food was evident.

Everything we tried from the flavorful menu was reasonably priced. Veggie Table is an ideal spot to refuel on tasty plant-based cuisine before spending a day at Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful beaches.


Planeta Vegetariano is also located close to the malecon, and Our Lady of Guadalupe church.

To find it, face the front of the church then climb two small staircases on the left – one crossing the street then another straight ahead. You can’t miss the Planeta Vegetariano sign pointing the way.

This charming spot serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet-style with dishes that change daily. Nearly everything is vegan besides the occasional butter or cream in hot items and mayo or yogurt in the salad bar.

Simply ask “¿Qué elementos son veganos?” and the friendly staff will point out which options fit a plant-based diet.

The variety of flavors and cuisines at Planeta Vegetariano makes it easy to sample a bit of everything while soaking up the cozy ambiance. Vegan diners will never run out of delicious options.

 Planeta Vegetariano

Cody and I have eaten at Planeta Vegetariano several times while visiting Puerto Vallarta and have yet to be disappointed. During our last visit, we had an incredible mushroom pesto spaghetti. It was difficult to stop eating it!

We also filled our plates up with stir fried rice, black beans, veggie croquettes, tostadas, tomatoes, and basil, and a few other cold salads.

Also included in the buffet are hot tea, coffee, water, and aguas frescas-a combination of fruit, and water. We’ve tried pineapple juice, a green juice made with, cactus, lime, and pineapple, and a Jamaica fruit aguas frescos. The food here is constantly being replenished, is always fresh, and soooo tasty


A meal here will set you back 75 pesos for breakfast, and 105 pesos for lunch/dinner and you can eat as much as you want!


Vegetariano Mary is a little more difficult to find but worth the effort for the inexpensive and tasty vegan breakfast buffet. This restaurant is located in Hotel Paloma Del Mar which should make it a bit easier to find if you are taking a taxi there.


The inside of the restaurant is no frills, but we visited for the food, not the interior. Unfortunately we only enjoyed breakfast here once, but it was memorable.


It’s rare while travelling to find vegan pancakes, so when I saw that there were pancakes being served I took full advantage of that!

The breakfast at Restaurant Vegetariano Mary is also served up buffet style, and again, most of it is vegan, but be sure to ask ‘que elementos son veganos?’


Cody and I both filled up on delicious tofu scramble, frijoles, tortillas, salsa, soy meat and pancakes with syrup!!! All for 60 pesos!

4# 100% NATURAL

We hadn’t planned on visiting this restaurant while in Puerto Vallarta, but we were running late and had to catch a flight to Mexico City, so we hopped on the bus and took a 5 minute ride up the street.

100% NATURAL Restaurant

100% Natural is not a vegan restaurant, but they do have a separate vegan set menu (140 pesos) which was very nice as I didn’t have to ask whether there was animal fat or broth in anything.

vegan ceviche

I chose a meal that included a vegan ceviche made with finely chopped onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime.

The main course was 3 delicious whole grain soft tacos filled with grilled red and green peppers, spinach, tomatoes, sprouts, and soy chorizo with quinoa, and a side of guacamole and chips.


The food was very fresh, and full of flavour.

I’m glad we dropped in. 100% Natural is also easy to find. It is located across the street from the Sheraton bougainvilleas hotel on the hotel strip.


This small canteen style Chinese restaurant is probably the most difficult to find out of them all.

Tucked away on a small local street behind the main road that takes you to the airport, Comida Taiwanesa has their food laid out buffet style but you are charged by weight.


When we visited, two out of the 7 items were vegetarian, but everything else was vegan. We arrived just as they were pulling fresh and warm Chinese buns out of the oven.

Lucky us! we also filled our plates up with fried rice, chow mein, mock fish fillets, and soy meat. Everything was to our liking, and the price was right at 160 pesos.

mock fish fillets

You’re best bet in finding this place is either taking a taxi from the main busy road in Puerto Vallarta, or if you are good with streets and maps-hop on one of the local buses heading to Walmart, get off right before the plaza, and follow your map. It is only a few turns into a local area.

*Comida Taiwanesa doesn’t seem to have clear hours of operation, so make sure you call to ask if, and when they will be open. This will save you time, and frustration*

With all of these vegan options, plus more that we didn’t get a chance to visit, you won’t starve in Puerto Vallarta.

Happy eating!

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